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UDEEEWANAnet in a Nutshell

United Distance Education for Eastern Europe, West Asia and North Africa NetworkUDEEEWANAnet exists to share knowledge and improve understanding amongst professionals in distance and e-learning and to promote policy and practice across the whole of Europe and beyond. UDEEEWANAnet  is an organization that is participative and evolutionary, conveying energy with open attitude. UDEEEWANAnet builds up networks and partnerships with respectabl.

With institutional members and members in the net academics and professionals UDEEEWANAnet assists a wide range of institutions, networks and individuals to become involved in professional information and networking activities. It does so through the organization of acknowledged conferences, its publications and information services, and by taking an active role in a wide range at any level projects; researches, surveys and any kind of join studies. UDEEEWANAnet also aims to proved successful with thematic activities and by contributing to, and promoting, ‘cutting edge’ research in the distance education and eLearning field. In addition, UDEEEWANAnet has also provided extensive academic, technical and secretarial support to the other distance education and eLearning association or institution around the world.

Established in 2014, under umbrella of UDEEEWANA as an international educational association and not-for-profit unit or department, EDEN is open to the institutions and individuals dealing with distance education and eLearning, and -more broadly calling- open and distance learning or open education.

Providing versatile expertise, the UDEEEWANAnet embraces all levels of formal and non-formal education and training. UDEEEWANAnet has been consistently instrumental in the promotion of networking, international co-operation and professional development.

As a key asset, UDEEEWANAnet has a strong and active collaboration. By UDEEEWANA members become part of the largest, most dynamically developing professional community of experts and practitioners of electronic distance education representing in many countries and institutions from interested in region of UDEEEWANA and countries from Europe and other continents. Already it is working under UDEEEWANA association administration.

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