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Benefits of UDEEEWANA Memberships


Membership of UDEEEWANA is open to teaching institutions offering at any level of distance education, informal, forma lor life long learning education, research institutions, educational authorities and agencies, educational service companies, and individuals. All membership is also available for not-for-profit membership organizations. UDEEEWANA welcomes membership applications from teaching institutions which do not offer predominantly distance or online courses. The membership fee category may be calculated based on the proportion of the institution’s budget allocated to distance and online learning or based on the proportion of students taking one or more distance or online courses.

By joining a regional leading professional distance education institution and distance educators which expected will be part of a professional community of nearly more than 300 individual members in nearly over 50 countries sharing a common vision of UDEEEWANA to distance education a better world'. UDEEEWANA mission is to inspire, inform and influence by providing a rich portfolio of products and services designed to meet the need of our members at every life: career stage. We hope that you will embrace the UDEEEWANA as your own professional home for life and recognize that this is where members belong. These benefits are as follows:

Career development

Knowledge resources

Getting involved

Shaping the profession

Membership support


Career Development

It's never too early to plan your career. Start as you mean to go on with the help of the UDEEEWANA. UDEEEWANA supports the professional development (PD) of people working in the fields of distance education and education technology - to raise the standards and recognition of those professions. It centres around competences: the recognized knowledge, skills and attributes needed to deliver results in your chosen field. It keeps you fresh and at the leading edge of your profession. Structuring members professional development will help you maintain these high levels of professional competences by continually developing your knowledge and skills. UDEEEWANA provides the tools to help you get started with your own PD programme, build a plan using competence frameworks, plan your journey towards professional registration, and point you towards the resources that will help you on your way. 

Knowledge Resources

Our members rely on the UDEEEWANA to provide books, research papers, factual data and historical information that may be hard to find elsewhere. UDEEEWANA responsibility to you is to provide you with the products and tools to filter an ever increasing volume of information from a bewildering variety of sources and help you pin-point the information which is relevant, faster and more efficient.


Getting Involved

Share your expertise, develop your knowledge and contacts and broaden your horizons by getting involved with the other any at the level UDEEEWANA members. UDEEEWANA organizes mega distance education in the field interests of the international DE/DL community to industry, government and the wider public, working together with members to address the global challenges of the 21st Century. Providing you with a technical home for life and promoting by assembling expert teams to develop partnerships and thought leadership. 


Shaping The Profession

Inspire a generation through our educational activities and study support tools. UDEEEWANA members are role models for the next generation of scientists, DE educators and technicians. The UDEEEWANA plays a key role in distance education within the UDEEEWANA map countries and internationally. UDEEEWANA will accredit over 10,000 undergraduate and postgraduate courses and support students, teachers, material suppliers, distance educators and lecturers in online and internet-based students with applied project subjects by providing teaching resources and supporting engineering-themed educational enhancement and enrichment activities. UDEEEWANA will provide to its members in the UDEEEWANA map environments with opportunities to volunteer and to deliver activities with support from the UDEEEWANA Education and scholarships Fund. 


Membership Support

Supporting members both personally and professionally to achieve their goals. There’s no doubt members will face many challenges over the course of your career or project. It’s also clear that the benefits of being a member of the UDEEEWANA will equip you to meet those challenges with even more confidence. UDEEEWANA funds will provide wide ranging support for UDEEEWANA members and their dependants when they need it. Members also will provide a  benefits from referral to a free legal helpline for employment, personal and family matters; outplacement programme to help unemployed members get back to work; financial assistance in times of need; care costs, respite for carries, mobility and independence; general welfare advice, information and signposting.

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