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Radio has been used extensively as an educational medium in developing countries for many years. Research indicate that radio has supported educational programs in a wide range of subject areas and in many countries where  they are so distant from each other such as Udeeewana map countries. It is well known that radio is so often and beneficially used in distance education or online education systems as support medium.

RadioUDEEEWANA plans, produces, develops and broadcasts so many kinds of educational radio programmes to promote education for lifelong learning and to support online education for the Udeeewana map countries’ target groups, i.e. students, teachers, education staff, the disabled, adults and the general public.

At the beginning, RadioUDEEEWANA plans to broadcast what is udeeewana project details?, why udeeewana is necessary?, how it will organize its running?, and benefits of being a member of udeeewana at individual, institutional and country level. It will broadcast copyrighted programmes, interviews with expert distance educators around the world, article-book-journal-conference reviews, live seminars, congress, symposiums or conferences offering opportunities for interaction if possible. It will broadcast project proposals sharing and discussing between members and provide chat and exchanging academic documents and materials electronically.

RadioUDEEEWANA plans to broadcast on the Internet some certain hours in a day in three languages: Russian, English and Turkish. RadioUDEEEWANA plans to develop its technical infrastructure in the short run. Every developments such as technical, personnel and sorts for programs will be place and announce here in time to time.

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We are a big family as UDEEEWANA

and everyday getting bigger and bigger …